WICKEDNESS!! 50-Yr-Old Wicked Businesswoman Arrested For Pouring Hot Water On Her Salesgirl In Lagos

The police in Lagos State have arrested a 50-year-old businesswoman, Rashidat Adeleke, for allegedly pouring hot water on the face of her salesgirl, Bukola Akinola, in the Ikotun area of the state.
It was gathered that the suspect, who owns a supermarket in the area, allegedly scalded the victim due to the destruction of some goods in her shop.

According to a statement by the Directorate of Citizens Rights, “The Lagos State Government has announced the immediate prosecution of 50-year-old Mrs. Rashidat Adeleke for allegedly assaulting her 29-year-old saleslady by pouring hot water on her face at the Ikotun area of the state.
The suspect employed the victim as a saleslady in 2019, but she ended up residing with her due to high transportation fare and other stress-related issues for the past 18 months before the ugly incident happened.

The victim narrated that her employer had the habit of abusing her at the slighted provocation. While narrating the ugly incident, the victim said two other sales representatives, aged 10 and 14, fought at the store, which resulted in the damage of some items.
When they got home that evening, Alhaja Adeleke asked the victim how the bangles on sale were damaged by the younger salesgirl and she responded that she had no idea of what happened. Alhaja Adeleke then angrily dragged her into the kitchen, locked her inside, and asked the younger sales representatives if there was hot water and they responded that it was not available.
Rashidat Adeleke reportedly boiled water and poured it on the head of the victim. The victim tried to escape but was prevented from doing so by her boss. She reportedly boiled water the second time, poured it on her and the victim then collapsed. Despite being badly scalded, Alhaja Adeleke went ahead to flog the victim repeatedly.”

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