Watch Teacher And Principal Vibe To Shedibalabala On Assembly Ground

Students of an unidentified school were out of control as the song, Shedibalabala by SunkkeySnoop played in the background. A video making the rounds on social media has shown students’ reaction when the song, Shedibalabala, came on air In an electrifying manner, both students and the teachers scattered the assembly ground as they vibed to the trending song. Mixed reactions have trailed the video with many condemning the school authorities for exposing the young minds to a song with immodest lyric content.

The video shared by @pulsenigeria247 on Instagram, a teacher on native attire seemed to be addressing the students on the assembly ground when the song broke out. The teacher then abandoned his ‘sermon’ as he gave body moves with screams from the excited students.

Watch The Video Below :

Many viewers were vexed that the school management allowed such a song to be played in the midst of the students as it contained immodest lyrics.

@thugboiselphmade01 commented: “Later dem go say people wey fail Jamb plenty pass the ones wey pass … How dis ones wan take pass Jamb.”

@elite_barbie1 said: “Nawa o, the lyrics of that song is not even good for children to be singing talk more of in a school.. Anyway its government school.”

@chippywoodworks wrote: “This isn’t the kinda song you play for kids in school. All these adults are insensitive.”

@adedoyinmatthew stated: “This is child abuse. Playing adult content for children is a form of child abuse. My kids can’t be in this kind of school.”

@inumidun_ said: “Please let them find joy in the little things to, the daily bad news in Nigeria is scary enough.”

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