Mr Macaroni, Broda Shaggi To Star In Femi Adebayo’s ‘Ile Alayo Tv Series’

The television series is an adaptation of Femi Adebayo’s 2013 hit comedy feature film ‘Ile Alayo’.

Speaking at a recently held press conference to unveil the cast of the new project in collaboration with StarTimes, Adebayo revealed that ‘Ile Alayo’ will borrow heavily from the original story, featuring comic characters with conflicting behaviors.

“Some years ago we produced ‘Ile Alayo’ as a home video, and when we ended it, there have been a great demand for ‘Ile Alayo’ to come back majorly as a series,” the star actor revealed.

“When the opportunity from our association TAMPAN to synergize with StarTimes showed up, we gave it a shot, and after so much consideration by the company they felt it was good enough to bring on board as a series.

“Ile Alayo has so many comedians. The concept is about a “face me and face you” house where we have so many characters with conflicting behaviours and attitudes. We have a Muslim cleric, a prophet, a man that sells Indian hemp, prostitutes, retired soldier and cybercriminals.

“The essence of the series is to create a comedy that will make sense. As far as we are trying to make it as humorous as possible, we also want to touch on some social messages that affect our environment. ‘Ile Alayo’ is a comedy flick that I know people will appreciate. I can assure that the sponsors will get value for what they have invested.”

According to Adebayo, the series will bring back 70 percent of the original cast with the introduction of new characters to be played by Mr Macaroni, Woli Agba, Broda Shaggi and Lateef Adedimeji.

Other actors set to star in the series include: Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe, Adebayo Salami, Dele Odule, Femi Adebayo, Ebun Oloyede, Cute Abiola and Wale Akorede.

On the partnership, the Chief Executive Officer of StarTimes, Alex Jian shared: “Nollywood is the second largest content production centre in the world, in the past 10 years, StarTimes has come to the industry in our own way, whether through content acquisition and production.

“However, when demands from our audience increased, we began to realise the need to do more. Yes, we are going to do more. ‘Ile Alayo’ is just a start. In the near future, more Nollywood artistes and professionals will bring more exciting local content to the screen of our viewers.”

The series will premiere exclusively on Startimes and Wakaati TV.






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