Mercy Aigbe’s Ex Hubby, Lanre Threatens to Expose Her Prostitution & Fake Life

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe and her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry have been fighting dirty via social media and it seems to be getting really messy.

The drama all started when Mercy Aigbe celebrated herself on Father’s Day without acknowledging the role of a father figure in the lives of her children.

Lanre, reacting, denied being an absentee dad, adding that he has been responsible for his children.

Mercy fired back, calling him a shameless man and threatening to release evidence showing he has not been performing his fatherly role and now Lanre has also counter-attacked.

Lanre responding again on his Instagram page, threatened to expose the secrets of the actress, accusing her of ‘prostitution and living a fake life on social media.’

His post read:

Mercy Aigbe, it does not take me a minute to expose all your shady secrets callous inhuman, and prostitution acts with all your so call marketers, but I will not, because of my son Olajuwon and your very good mother.

“But when the time comes the whole world will still know the fake life you are living and you need to stop all this your arrogant life.”


Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has fired back at her estranged husband after slamming her in his father’s day post on Instagram.

We had above reported that Lanre Gentry, in his reply to Mercy Aigbe’s father’s day message, said women who join and celebrate themselves on father’s day are not worthy of being called a housewife or mother.

He also rubbished Mercy on sponsors her children’s education and paying school fees in dollars, saying the actress can pay school fees in dollars or yen, and it’s nobody’s business adding he had helped her in the past to pay the school fees of another man’s daughter.

Infuriated about the statement, Mercy Aigbe took to her Instagram page to blast Lanre urging him to stop his stupid lies, and people should call him to order because she has had enough of his nonsense.

According to Mercy Aigbe, instead of Lanre burying his head in shame, he’s busy spilling rubbish online. Mercy adds that the award of the most irresponsible man goes to Lanre Gentry.

She wrote:

Mr. Lanre Gentry, you better stop with the stupid lies! You better don’t just infuriate me! Gentry calls your useless father to order oh cos, really I have had enough of his nonsense!!!!!

And the most irresponsible father award goes to my Ex! This shameless man who instead of him covering his face in shame will rather come online to post rubbish! I normally ignore you when you respond to my Father’s Day post! But you see this one! Bring it on!!!! I am READY!!!!!!! Alailojuti

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