Husband murders wife for ritual goals three months after marriage

An indigen of Imo State who is known poorly as Nnanna Emeka has made the headlines of the top news media and platforms after he allegedly murdered her three months newly married wife for some ritual purposes.

The suspected murderer who resides in the Ugbele Mgbidi area of Imo State was excavated of his evil agenda when the neighborhood interrupted the event.

According to the eyewitness who was professed as one of the interrupters, he outlined that the young man has been very suspicious amidst how his wife grumbled about his sudden approach upon her which she tagged ‘bad temperaments’.

“He wanted to take his wife out on a date, and then, probably take her to somewhere and kill her. He would have come back to cook up stories to cover his track. But unfortunately for him, the wife refused to go out with him.” The source said.

He was however keen on the idea of taking her on a classy date so as to perform his aspiration in silence and come back to her people with tales of the loin in the jungle.

His plans never worked out following how his wife refused to go on a date with him amidst the suspicious take that he has been pouring out upon her.

The young man was now forced by his urge to become rich and killed her wife on Saturday, July 3, 2021, just three months after they got married.

“Just a few days before, she had told a friend that for the past week her husband’s character has changed, that she doesn’t understand him anymore. So, we believe that’s why she refused to go out with him.”

“However, after trying fruitlessly to get his wife to go out with him, he allegedly decided to kill her inside their apartment and take her corpse to the place where the ritual will be performed”

“He was said to have used a rod to hit her on her forehead. But while trying to transport the body, people became suspicious and confronted him. But he took to his heels and as I speak, he is nowhere to be found.”

“They got married three months ago and the deceased was four months pregnant with his child.”

Unfortunately, the victim behind the massacre has disappeared on sight for he is nowhere to be found.

The police custody is currently investigating the tragedy and has assured the deceased family to bring the murderer to proficient justice.

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