“God didn’t plan for a woman to enter into your life and build it for you” – Reno Omokri tells men

Prolific author, Reno Omokri has countered the assumption of people that women in some cases are expected to come into a man’s life and build it.

In a recent tweet, he affirmed that although there may be nothing wrong with it, this wasn’t the way God designed it from the start.

He maintained that a woman is a helper and shouldn’t be the driver or main proponent to a man’s success. He advised men to build themselves first before diving into marriage.

In his words:

“It is okay for a woman to enter your life and build it for you. However, that is not God’s original plan. The Garden of Eden was already there and Adam had done the major work BEFORE God created Eve and brought her to help him. Build your life then find your wife!”

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