Any Woman That Come Close To My Will Be Burnt By Holy Ghost Fire – Yinka Ayelefe’s Wife Warns

Temitope Ayefele, the wife of popular Gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele has warned women and female fans of her husband to stay away from him. Opening up on her marriage in an interview with Punch, Temitope said her husband’s fans, females specifically can only admire him from a distance but if anyone dares go close to him, they will be burnt by Holy Ghost fire.

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Musicians have a lot of female fans and admirers. How have you? u has been coping with that
They are welcome to be his fans and they can also admire him. My husband is a very good-looking man; a superstar and a hard-working person. They can like and admire him though from a distance because if you come too close they will be burnt by the ‘fire of the Holy Ghost.

My husband looks good and nice all the time and that has cost me a lot of time and affection. But on a lighter note, I have never been bothered about my husband’s so-called admirers. I love and respect his fans. I did not marry anybody’s husband. I married the husband of my youth, and God has lightened my path all the way.

What has been sustaining your marriage?

I would like to thank God because He is responsible for sustaining our marriage. Perseverance and tolerance also help. Above all, trust is key. I and my hubby trust each other.

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